MLK Did Not Die For Blacks to Murder Each Other With “Reckless Abandon”, and 4 More Things You Never Knew Bill Clinton Did or Said

Share on Google+Share on LinkedInPin on PinterestShare on TumblrTweet about this on TwitterShare on Facebook 1. Clinton’s biographer Roger Morris claimed that Clinton was used by the CIA as part of “Operation Chaos” to keep an eye on young anti-Vietnam protesters. As evidence, Morris notes that the Rhodes scholar traveled around Europe and stayed in luxury hotels while earning nearly zero dollars.

opzioni binarie guadagno dei broker 2. During a black respectability speech in 1993, Bill Clinton–who gave us a welfare reform bill that gutted the safety net, a crime bill that hastened mass incarceration, and Wall Street deregulation, which led to the recession and the historic erosion of black wealth–told us that Martin Luther King Jr., if he were alive, would say, “I did not live and die to see the American family destroyed. I did not live and die to see 13 year old boys get automatic weapons and gun down nine year olds..” He was speaking to an overwhelmingly African-American crowd.

follow url Clinton’s lecture begins at around the 16 minute mark: 3. In the book  No One Left to Lie To: The Triangulations of William Jefferson Clinton, the late Christopher Hitchens deconstructed Clinton’s use of divisive racial imagery to win favor among white voters:

enter site opzioni binarie piattaforma gratis Clinton took care to have himself photographed at an all white golf club, and also standing at a prison farm photo-op, wearing his shades in the sunshine while a crowd of uniformed black convicts broke rocks in the sun.

enter 4. While many African-Americans are blasting conservatives for supporting the Confederate flag, they should recall that as governor of Arkansas, Bill Clinton was in league with the Southern traditions of the Confederacy:

source From the Huffington Post:

The state flag of Arkansas sports 25 white stars and four blue ones. And in 1987, while serving as governor of Arkansas, ig traider Bill Clinton signed a bill affirming that one of those blue stars is there in honor of the Confederate States of America.

5. And in 1992, Clinton took a break from his primary so that he could go home and oversee the execution of Ray Rector, a mentally disabled black man.

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